Do You REALLY Know Your U.S Geography?

Regardless of how long its been since your last Geography lesson, you still live here! Come put your geographical skills to the test!

A Road Stretching to More Than 80% of the World: Russia Proposes a Superhighway...

The head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin has proposed a plan, approved by the Science Academy, for building a “superhighway” to connect his country's eastern border with the U.S. state of Alaska, by crossing a narrow stretch of the Bering Sea that separates Asia and North America.

In this video you can see 500 Years of Manhattan Skyline in 50 Seconds

Photo : New York is one of the most visited cities all over the world and one of the most multicultural places. Photo : In the video below you will watch a unique experience...

9 American beaches everyone should visit in their lifetime

The summer has arrived and it's time to visit and admire some of the most beautiful beaches in America. 9 of those you must visit once in your life.

The Best 5 Road Trips in the USA

Whether you’re retired or just adventurous, you probably love a good road trip. You don’t have to drive far to find a great road in the U.S. — just about everyone probably has a...

An amazing 3.5+ hour tour of New York City. (Video)

New York is a city that everyone wants to visit once in their lives. One of the most popular cities in the world with thousands of tourists visiting

6 helpful Maps for your journey to New York

New York is one of the most beautiful and most famous cities in the world . It's a a place full of energy that you will not meet anywhere else.

Top 9 Most Beautiful States in America

America is known for being a large and beautiful country that has something for everyone. Every state has some amazing places to admire

The Most Expensive Home in the U.S.

The most expensive home for sale in the United States just hit the market for $250 million and it’s located in the confines of ultra-exclusive

Take This $213 Train Ride To Admire All Of America’s Most Beautiful Sights

The United States is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world and whoever chooses to discover and admire them has to spend a great amount of time and money.

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