It’s time for the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center

Don’t let the weather fool you …This is this time of year when the world-famous Rink at Rockefeller Center opens to the public.

7 Best places to celebrate Christmas in the US

Christmas is one of the most wonderful and magical time of the year. Many people are starting to think about where they should spend Christmas this year

Impressive photos from the New York Public Library

Photo : E. Larsen  The New York Public Library ,built in 1897-1911, is a public library system in New York City.It  is the third largest public library in North America and one of...

New York’s tiny island that nobody is allowed to visit

New York is full of islets, but there is a particular one that is not only tiny, but it is forbidden to visit it. The island is called U Thant Island

Inside the Most Expensive Hotel Room in New York City ($50,000 per night)

Photo :  If you want to stay in the ultimate luxury,you'll need to spend $50,000 per night in the most expensive hotel suite in New York,the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons.It's currently the...

8 of the Best Shopping Cities in the U.S.

For many travelers, visiting a big city isn’t just museums and sightseeing, but also going shopping to new places. Although when it comes to shopping

16 Beautiful countries to Visit Where The US. Dollar is Strong Right Now

Many travelers have a dream to visit some of the most famous and beautiful countries around the world. However, the cost of traveling abroad is very high

15 pictures that will make you want to be in New York this winter

New York is a city that is equally impressive every season of the year. For many, New York is an unforgettable and unique experience for vacation

Free Entrance Days in the National Parks

Photo :  There's never a bad time to visit America’s amazing national parks and some of the best views in the U.S. look even better when they're free. The U.S. National Park Service has announced...

Maps of the California with major Places + Towns

California is one of the most beautiful states in US .It is located on the west coast of North America and is the most populous US state.

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